Family plan discount !!!
Sidekick Taekwondo offers “Discount” on all family plans

Family Program

Bring Family Closer Together

Our family program provides a great opportunity for a family to spend quality time together while learning new skills and getting in shape. Training side by side, helping each other to practice and learn new techniques, and providing you with shared goals to reach, family members naturally become closer together in the process.




Family Fitness
These days, children spend more time indoors watching television, playing video games, and going online using computers. As you hear often from the television and newspapers, the lack of activity of today's children result in children obesity problem. As a concerned parent, you always worry about your children's health and trying to make your children involve in more physical activities. Taekwondo provides excellent exercises for both children and adult to get in shape. Tae Kwon Do combines the best of many different forms of physical training. As a parent, you can set an example for your children about the importance of regular exercise by learning Taekwondo together.


  • Rewarding activity your whole family can enjoy

  • Excellent exercises for getting fit and staying healthy

  • Improve relationship with your children by having common interest

  • Learn Self-Defense skills to defend yourself and your family

  • Family discounts for multiple family members

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